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Hi, my name is Lily. I am the founder of Bumbles Vintage.

As you will most likely guess, I am very passionate about vintage, old and antique jewellery. Well, anything old will catch my eye but jewellery is my weakness. Ever since I was around 12 (the age I started receiving some pocket spending money) all I wanted to buy was jewellery. I soon became bored with new retail items, they just seemed too common for me (plus the fine jewellery was a little out of my budget). I discovered that I didn't want just any necklace, bracelet or earrings - I wanted them to be unique and to say something about who I am.

My mother is an avid "thrift" shopper so I started following her around to op shops, garage sales and markets. I found a whole new world of jewellery by going vintage. Ever since, I absolutely love hunting for those psecial pieces and spend a lot of my time doing so. The only part I don't like is parting with them once they sell - i just want to keep them all! Fortunately I haven't become a hoarder yet as I know that's not practical. If you buy a piece from my website, you will know the pieces are very much pre-loved; firstly by their initial ownder(s), then by me and finally you. I do not use the pieces I sell here, I simply admire them and pack them away safely until their new owner comes along.

I love variety with jewellery. Anything from costume necklaces to precious gems and fine rings - as long as they are unique. Even if you don't buy anything, I hope you enjoy looking at my collection. I have added a photo gallery to the website if you just want to relax, have a coffee and look at some times gone by.

Warmest regards,


Vintage Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Silver Round 4 Tier Brooch Antique
Dark natural Bohemian rose cut garnets The brooch does not bare any hallmarks 900 silver puri..
AUD $124.00
c1900s Antique Bohemian Garnet Bracelet, Victorian Era
~ Circa 1900s, Victorian Era ~ A gorgeous antique bracelet from former ..
AUD $537.00
Antique Victorian Three Row Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Bracelet Tombak
~ Victorian Era ~ Natural rose cut Bohemian garnets. Set in base m..
AUD $337.00
Vintage Art Nouveau Bohemian Garnet European Necklace c1960s
~ c1960s ~ A stunning vintage Bohemian garnet necklace in Art Nouveau d..
AUD $420.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet European Dangle Drop Lever Earrings c1960s
~ Circa 1960s ~ Natural, rose cut Bohemian garnets (the centre stone is..
AUD $199.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Three Tier Ring 900 Silver European Czech
Natural Bohemian garnets 900/1000 silver Czechoslovakian hallmark Additionally stamped "G2"..
AUD $143.00
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