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14k Solid Gold Vintage Bohemian Garnet Cluster Ring European Czech c1950
14k (585/1000) solid gold, tested Natural Bohemian garnets Stamped "G2" for Bohemian Garnets ..
AUD $275.00
959 Czechoslovakian Silver Filigree High Set Ornate Ring c1960s
~ Circa 1960s ~ This is a stunning ring made from 959 silver in Czechos..
AUD $149.00
Antique 19th Century Victorian Bohemian Garnet Hinged Bangle Three Row
Antique bracelet from the Victorian era Natural Bohemian garnets set in tombak (brass alloy) ..
AUD $248.00
Antique Biedermeier 14k Gold Earrings Turquoise c1880
~ Circa1880 ~ Classic original Biedermeier earrings (Victorian era in E..
AUD $320.00
Antique Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Bangle Hinged Victorian c1900s
~ Circa 1900s ~ Antique Victorian Bangle. Natural deep red Bohemia..
AUD $635.00
Antique Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Hinged Bangle Victorian c1850
~ Circa 1850 ~ Natural rose cut Bohemian garnets. Base metal (tomb..
AUD $439.00
Antique Victorian Bohemian Garnet European Bangle Bracelet c1850s
Gorgeous antique Victorian bangle Natural Bohemian Garnets Base metal (tombak) Excellent co..
AUD $349.00
Antique Victorian Bohemian Garnet Hinged Two Row Bracelet
A beautiful hinged bracelet from the Victorian era Two rows of natural Bohemian garnets Set i..
AUD $350.00
Antique Victorian Bohemian Garnet Necklace Gold Wash Base Metal European Czech
A superb antique piece from the Victorian era Natural rose cut Bohemian garnets Set in brass ..
AUD $450.00
Antique Victorian Bohemian Garnet Table Top & Rose Cut Bangle Bracelet c1900s
~ Circa 1900s ~ Unique Bohemian garnet bangle from the Victorian era. Table top and rose cut..
AUD $827.00
Beautiful Vintage 835 Silver Marcasite & Pearl European Cocktail Ring
High set vintage silver European ring Hallmarked for 835/1000 silver purity Cultured pearl ..
AUD $136.00
Bohemian Vintage 14k Yellow & Rose Gold Solitaire Ruby Ring c1920
This lovely Bohemian vintage ring has a rose and yellow gold ornate setting It's solid 14k (585..
AUD $318.00
c1900 Antique Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Hinged Victorian Bangle with 3 Large Garnets
~ Circa 1900 ~ A beautiful antique piece with 3 unusually large, deep r..
AUD $789.00
c1900 Antique Victorian Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Graduated Three Row Hinge Bangle Bracelet
~ Circa 1900s, Victorian ~ A gorgeous antique bangle. Deep red nat..
AUD $387.00
c1900s Antique Bohemian Garnet Bracelet, Victorian Era
~ Circa 1900s, Victorian Era ~ A gorgeous antique bracelet from former ..
AUD $537.00
c1900s Antique Bohemian Garnet Hinged Two Row Bracelet
~ Circa 1900s ~ Antique Victorian bracelet with natural rose cut Bohemi..
AUD $230.00
c1920 Antique Art Deco Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Hinged Bracelet
~ Circa 1900-1920s ~ Antique petite bangle made in former Czechoslovaki..
AUD $327.00
c1920 Vintage Bohemian Garnet Cluster Cocktail Flower Ring 800 Silver Czech
Genuine vintage Bohemian garnet ring Classic flower shape with three tiers Czechoslovakian ha..
AUD $162.00
c1960 14k Gold Vintage Czechoslovakia European Green Agate Cocktail Ring
~ Circa 1960 ~ Made in former Czechoslovakia. 14 carat (585/1000) ..
AUD $327.00
c1960 Vintage Bohemian Art Deco Silver Lever Earrings Czech sim. Aquamarine
~ Circa 1960s ~ Vintage Bohemian lever earrings in Art Deco design ..
AUD $165.00
c1960 Vintage Bohemian Garnet Seed Pearl Ring sz K, 5.25
~ Circa 1960 ~ A beautiful ring made in former Czechoslovakia during th..
AUD $217.00
c1960 Vintage Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Classic Flower Cluster Ring
~ Circa 1960 ~ Natural Bohemian Garnets (centre stone is most likely an..
AUD $115.00
c1960 Vintage Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Diamond Cluster Ring size 0, 7 - 7 1/4
~ Circa 1960 ~ Natural rose cut Bohemian Garnets. 900/1000 silver ..
AUD $235.00
Circa 1920 Vintage Bohemian Garnet 835 Silver Ring Classic Flower
This ring dates back to circa 1920 Natural Bohemian garnets set in a classic flower oval shape ..
AUD $195.00
Genuine Vintage Bohemian Garnet Flower Cluster Ring Gold over 900 Silver Czech European
Original vintage Bohemian garnet ring Beautiful dark natural Bohemian garnets 900/1000 silver..
AUD $163.00
Genuine Vintage Moss Agate 900 Silver Ring in Art Deco Design European Brown
This lovely vintage ring features a beautiful bezel set moss agate cabochon The silver setting ..
AUD $140.00
Huge Vintage Statement Bohemian Garnet Cocktail Cluster Ring
Stunning vintage ring 4 tiers of natural rose cut Bohemian garnets Bohemian hallmark Also s..
AUD $223.00
Large Czech European 14k Rose & Yellow Gold sim. Ruby Vintage Ring c1960
This gorgeous vintage ring is made of solid 14k (585/1000) yellow and rose gold The faceted ova..
AUD $531.00
Large Vintage Bohemian Lever Silver Earrings Simulated Garnet Retro c1950s
~ Circa 1950s ~ Lovely set of Bohemian vintage earrings made in former ..
AUD $135.00
Lovely Vintage Bohemian Garnet and Almandine Gilt Necklace
This beautiful vintage lavalier necklace is made with natural Bohemian garnets and almandines C..
AUD $249.00
Original Vintage Bohemian Garnet Earrings Gold over Silver Vermeil Gilt Antique
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Earrings Czechoslovakian hallmark Also stamped "900" and "G" 900/10..
AUD $235.00
Original Vintage Bohemian Garnet Oval Cluster Ring Antique Gold over Silver sz L 1/2, 6
Original vintage ring circa 1950 Natural Bohemian garnets set in 900/100 silver with a gold w..
AUD $136.00
Original Vintage Bohemian Oval Aquamarine Earrings 900 Silver Czechoslovakian European
Beautiful Vintage Bohemian Lever Earrings 900/1000 silver Simulated Aquamarine/Bohemian Glass..
AUD $160.00
Romantic European Vintage Silver Gilt Vermeil Pink Czech Faceted Glass Necklace
This beautiful gold over silver vintage necklace would make a lovely romantic gift. The pendant is b..
AUD $149.00
Stunning Vintage 900 Silver European Czech Etched Bracelet Bangle c1929-42
Made in Czechoslovakia during 1929-1942 Czech hallmark (triangle with mountains and the number ..
AUD $148.00
Superb Vintage Bohemian Garnet Cluster Ring Three Tier Gold over 900 Silver
A beautiful 3-tier Vintage Bohemian Garnet Ring Czechoslovakian hallmark Stamped "900" and "G..
AUD $199.00
Traditional Russian Vintage Soviet Union Ring Green Agate 875 Silver USSR
Stunning high set silver ring from the Soviet Union Green bezel set agate cabochon 875 Silver..
AUD $175.00
Unique Bohemian Garnet Vintage Ring Mushroom Shape 900 Silver
Natural Bohemain garnets Unique mushroom shaped setting Czechoslovakian hallmark Also stamp..
AUD $238.00
Unique Vintage Art Deco 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Ruby Cocktail Ring c1930
Stunning Vintage Art Deco gold ring. Unique design in the shape of the old cash register. 18k..
AUD $1,850.00
Vintage 14k Gold Bohemian Ornate Ruby Ring Czech European
A beautiful Bohemian vintage ring made in Prague, Czechoslovakia 14k (585/1000) solid gold, tes..
AUD $357.00
Vintage 8k Gold Eurpean Bohemian Garnet Floral Lever Earrings
8k (333/1000 solid gold). Natural Bohemian, rose cut garnets. Class..
AUD $197.00
Vintage Antique Old Victorian Bohemian Garnet Hinged Four Row Bracelet
Victorian Bohemian bangle Four rows of natural Bohemian rose cut garnets Brass base metal all..
AUD $580.00
Vintage Art Deco 14k Gold Bohemian Green Natural Aquamarine Cocktail Ring c1930 size S, 9 1/4
~ Circa 1930, Art Deco ~ This ring was made in the First Republic of fo..
AUD $315.00
Vintage Art Deco 14k Gold White Sapphire Ring Czechoslovakian c1920
~ Circa 1920 ~ This elegant Art Deco ring was made during the First Republic of Czechoslovakia..
AUD $265.00
Vintage Art Deco Bohemian Silver Lever Dangle Drop Blue Earrings sim Aquamarine c1950s
~ c1950s ~ Interesting dangle earrings from former Czechoslovakia in Ar..
AUD $155.00
Vintage Art Deco European 14k Gold Tiger's Eye Oval Bezel Set Ring c1930
~ Circa 1930 ~ A beautiful Art Deco vintage ring with a gorgeous oval Tiger's Eye cabochon. ..
AUD $257.00
Vintage Art Nouveau European 8k Gold Opal Lavalier Necklace
Elegant Art Nouveau lavalier necklace with opals Fine craftsmanship Tested positive for 8k go..
AUD $330.00
Vintage Bohemian 14k Gold Ring Synthetic Faceted Ruby Czech European
Lovely Bohemian vintage gold ring in Art Deco design 14k (585/1000) solid yellow and rose gold ..
AUD $220.00
Vintage Bohemian 14k Yellow & Rose Gold High Set Pink Amethyst Rose de France Art Deco Ring European
A stunning vintage Bohemian gold ring in Art Deco design 14k solid gold (585/1000), tested Pr..
AUD $300.00
Vintage Bohemian European 14k Yellow & Rose Gold Rectangle Ruby Ring c1950
An elegant vintage Bohemian ring Czech hallmarks Stamped "585" for 14k solid gold, tested M..
AUD $269.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Classic Flower Cluster Cocktail Ring European c1960
A beautiful vintage Bohemian garnet ring in the classic flower shape. Natural Bohemian Garnets...
AUD $155.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Cluster Mushroom Cocktail Ring 900 Silver Vermeil European Czech
Natural Bohemian rose cut garnets Unique mushroom shaped setting Czechoslovakian hallmark A..
AUD $224.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Dangle Drop Flower Earrings c1960s
~ Circa 1960s ~ Natural rose cut Bohemian garnets (the center stones ar..
AUD $197.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Earrings Lever Czech European 900 Silver
Original vintage earrings from Czechoslovakia Natural deep red Bohemian garnets, bezel set Cz..
AUD $172.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet European Dangle Drop Lever Earrings c1960s
~ Circa 1960s ~ Natural, rose cut Bohemian garnets (the centre stone is..
AUD $199.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Flower Cluster Cocktail Ring European c1960
~ Circa 1960s ~ Natural rose cut Bohemian garnets. 900/1000 silver..
AUD $193.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Flower Dangle Earrings Vermeil Gold over Silver
Natural Bohemian garnet vintage dangle drop earrings Classic Bohemian glowers Stamped "900", ..
AUD $197.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Gilt Dangle Drop Earrings c1960s
~ Circa 1960s ~ A pair of classic, genuine vintage rose cut, Bohemian g..
AUD $193.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Pendant Gold Over Silver Lovers Petite c1960
~ Circa 1960 ~ Natural Rose Cut Bohemian Garnets. 900/1000 silver ..
AUD $117.00
Vintage Bohemian Garnet Vermeil Panel Bracelet Three Row
Natural Bohemian garnets 900/1000 silver with a gold wash (vermeil) Czechoslovakian hallmark ..
AUD $285.00
Vintage Bohemian Solid 14k Gold Natural Aquamarine Statement Cocktail Ring European
Fabulous vintage Bohemian cocktail ring Ornate rose gold setting 14k (585/1000) solid gold, t..
AUD $1,200.00
Vintage Cameo Bohemian Garnet Ring Gold over Silver Vermeil Czech European
Splendid Bohemian Garnet vintage ring Natural Bohemian garnets, stamped "G" 900/1000 silver w..
AUD $205.00
Vintage Czech Etched Silver Ring with Faceted Pink Simulated Stone Art Deco
Beautiful vintage silver ring cca 1950-60 Art Deco design Hallmarked with the Czech rabbit he..
AUD $147.00
Vintage Czech European Silver Glass Pendant with Dancing Lovers cca 1930-1940s
Romantic pendant with two lovers dancing Faceted glass edges set in a silver decorated frame ..
AUD $229.00
Vintage Elegant Bohemian Garnet Silver Lever Earrings Czechoslovakian European
Each earring has four large rose cut natural Bohemian garnets surrounded by smaller rose cut natu..
AUD $173.00
Vintage Etched Ornate Hinged 900 Silver Bracelet Czech c1940
A vintage Czech bracelet Lovely etched design Hidden plunger clasp which locks securely Hal..
AUD $232.00
Vintage European 900 Silver Necklace Pendant Czech Faceted Glass Pink c1950
A lovely ornate vintage necklace pendant Hallmarked on the loop with the Czech mark for 900 sil..
AUD $125.00
Vintage Filigree 900 Silver Bracelet with Green Czech Glass Cabochons
Vintage Czech bracelet with green glass cabochons Czech silver hallmark Lovely filigree desig..
AUD $185.00
Vintage Gold Over Silver Gilt Vermeil Solitaire Petite Ring with Blue Faceted Stone c1960
Lovely petite vintage ring with a blue faceted stone Gold over silver vermeil Czech hallmark ..
AUD $134.00
Vintage Retro 1970s 900 Silver Gilt Vermeil Simulated Carnelian European Ring
Lovely 70s retro gold over silver ring with flowers Maker's mark "KZT" Czech hallmark for 900..
AUD $107.00
Vintage Retro Bohemian Garnet Cluster Ring Crown c1980 900 Silver
~ Circa 1980 ~ Natural Bohemian Garnets set in a crown style setting Czechoslovakian hallmar..
AUD $132.00
Vintage Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Link Floral Bracelet Silver Vermeil c1960
~ Circa 1960 ~ Natural rose cut Bohemian garnets. 900/1000 silver ..
AUD $287.00
Vintage Rose Cut Bohemian Garnet Silver Dangle Drop Earrings c1970s
~ Circa 1970s ~ Lovely dangle earrings (pierced with screw backs). ..
AUD $165.00
Vintage Rose Cut European Bohemian Garnet Garland Necklace Gold over Silver
Beautiful vintage Bohemian garnet necklace Natural rose cut garnets Gold over 900 silver (ver..
AUD $260.00
Vintage Silver Bohemian Simulated Sapphire European Ring c1940s
Beautiful transparent faceted synthetic sapphire stone Made in Czechoslovakia (c1940s) 800 si..
AUD $165.00
Vintage Silver Link Hinged Bracelet in Art Deco Style c1950
Gorgeous vintage silver bracelet Art deco hinged style Hallmarked for 900/1000 silver Stamp..
AUD $189.00
Vintage Sterling Silver Gilt Bohemian Garnet Dangle Drop Earrings
~ Circa 1970s ~ A lovely pair of vintage Bohemian garnet dangle earring..
AUD $203.00
Vintage Unique Large Statement Cocktail Ring Bohemian Garnet 4 Tier c1960 Size 8, Q1/2
~ Circa 1960 ~ Natural rose cut Bohemian garnets set in 900/1000 silver..
AUD $220.00
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